Virtual reality is something that has popped up in the last decade or so. In this article, I’m going to be talking all about it. If you have no idea what virtual reality is all about and how it works, you have come to the perfect place.

Virtual reality is something that gives us a peek into the virtual world. It is an imaginary space that actually independently exists from the real world. It is a medium that is used to create a lot of simulations, and it gives us a lot of visual and audible aids with the help of computer graphics that are rendered on a computer. It gives us an opportunity to immerse ourselves with computer interactions like never before.

Now let’s talk about emotion, shall we? The users who make use of virtual reality are actually immersed into a virtual space, that is cut out from the real world on a sensory level. Virtual reality headsets allow us to do this by completely occupying our vision and also our hearing because we will be looking and listening through these devices. They help us get immersed into another world. Now I have to tell you that this world is spectacular. Virtual reality headsets have the technology to track the position of the user’s head, and it gives us a lot of computer renderings when we change positions. Users who are moving their heads and their bodies will be given the illusion that their body is actually moving in the virtual world. The input is unbelievably accurate, and you can actually move around, and when you do move around, you move around in the virtual world as well.

The amount of interactions are off the charts. It actually ends up feeling very real. It is a simulated environment which includes a lot of virtual elements and, we can interact with a lot of things like picking up an item, swinging a sword, shooting zombie, breaking mugs, pushing buttons and more. For example, people make use of virtual reality while training to be a pilot or an astronaut. Virtual reality actually simulates these environments, to make them feel like they are either flying a plane or flying a rocket ship. It makes it feel incredibly real, like it is actually happening. The design of most virtual reality headsets is completely based on the human head. We can learn from Oculus, Google and Samsung that they funnel a lot of money into research and development of the virtual reality headsets.

One of the biggest challenges of virtual reality is optimising the comfort. The reduction of movements that the head makes is an essential aspect of it. Not every single virtual reality application can be 360°. But, if it is 360° viewing, it can be an extremely immersive experience. A lot of companies have invested a lot of money into making the headsets very comfortable to wear and use.

I am sure by now; you have an idea as to what virtual reality is and how much it can help us.