Technology has never taken the backseat for decades; indeed, it has hit the full throttle with consistency. From the casino floors to the digital screens of pixels, gambling has travelled the path along with technology. All innovations in the field of gambling have made the practice a convenient one. The trouble of having to slip into a suit and pair of shoes is eliminated with the digital version taking over the domain. Enhanced experience further defines the online casinos for the detailing it provides. As everything about online casinos started to inspire developers, life-like gaming has been the priority. VR gambling was invented by capitalizing on the fad for online gambling. This immersive experience is yet to find its way forefront worldwide, but the future of gambling speculates to be conquered by VR. Here is a list of the best VR casino games for those who are planning to embark the virtually real roll of dice.

Online Roulette

What better than roulette to try your luck at in the casinos? Roulette has never failed to please the gamblers with its spiking probability to land in their favor. Gambling has had its face established by the most popular games such as poker, blackjack, slots, and roulette. As casinos stepped into the digital platforms, all these games have had an equal reception as that of the land-based casinos, which then grew gradually into weighing more. The excitement rises as the white ball keeps rotating with the wheek to edge closer onto the lucky number. Emotions stay the same, and so does the entertainment in the online casinos. But when it comes to VR roulette, it is the experience that gets a different dimension with everything from the seats to the bar having an unbeatable superlative detailing. Roulette was one of the first pilot games to be tested across all over the world in the VR sector of gambling, and it has proven to be successful by generating a substantial amount of fans.

Online Roulette

Online Blackjack

A name that every gambling enthusiast would be extremely familiar with-Blackjack. The game works as a battle between the dealer and you, with the house edge stacked in favor of the dealer. You are always a level lower than the dealer in terms of the advantages on one’s side. When your progress stands at stake during the game, the dealer will make his moves to beat you. Although the dealer holds most of the perks of the game, blackjack is undoubtedly one of the most entertaining and profitable casino games. With its launch on VR, online gambling gets better with the immersive experience taking you right onto the floor by allowing you to interact with the dealer.


SlotMillions is one of the leading online slot developers, the brain behind this VR marvel named Starburst. You get to indulge in the game with or without the VR headgear. The VR facelift provided to the traditional online casinos has enhanced the environment. The unrivalled graphics and gameplay backed by the groovy soundtrack pull you into the slots game that you have been dreaming of for years. Known for its position among the pioneers of VR casino games, Starburst, looks to have a secure future with its developing standards.