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Where Are We Really on VR Gaming?

Virtual reality (VR) gaming is an entertainment platform for gamers that allows them to feel as if they are within the gaming environment instead of simply watching on a screen. For that, special pieces of equipment are required, which allow interactions that mimic real-life ones. At the inception of VR gaming, everyone felt that it was going to be the next big thing.

Facebook Technologies jumped on the train very early and since its inception in 2012, they have worked hard on their Oculus VR and are now considered industry-leading. Later in 2020, we will get to see VR on the Facebook platform, with the release of Horizon. And with its enormous user base, being added to the general Facebook platform VR will take a giant step into everybody’s lives.

VR in Online Casinos

Online casinos were some of the first to see how important VR will be in future gaming and gambling alike and have spent unknown amounts to incorporate VR in their offerings in recent years. The VR casinos are offering a completely different experience to what many players are used to. Players get to enjoy immersive and interactive experiences while playing their favorite casino games, with which the old gaming technology cannot compete.

VR casino Oculus Rift

VR casinos offer include realistic slot machines, in-game chats, real casino sounds, ability to display body and hand gestures, 3D table games, and 3D detailed casino game rooms, among others. However, you should note that not all casinos offer VR games and you may have to do some research to find a casino that delivers the fully immersive VR experience.

An online VR casino allows you to feel the casino atmosphere and can prove invaluable to the live casinos that already exist. The challenge for online casinos is the expensive gear needed to play and research and development are being done to mitigate this.

Where are we now?

VR gaming first felt like a future thing that had come before its time. There are major developments in VR gaming happening, but not many players have ventured into it yet. Here are some of the reasons why VR has got off to a slow start.

Cost of Equipment

Among the top reasons why VR gaming is not as popular as expected is the high cost of equipment. Players need to invest quite a significant amount to experience all that VR gaming has to offer. There are cheaper pieces of equipment for VR gaming, but they do not provide an experience that is anywhere near as good as the high-quality equipment.

Oculus Rift Female Player

Number of Games

One of the things that gamers love is a variety of games. Being able to access more games means that there are fewer chances of a player getting bored with a gaming platform. VR is still relatively new and offers a limited number of games that players can access. That makes most players shy off from investing in expensive equipment for fear of getting bored too soon. Developing fully immersive VR games

Software Size

VR software is significantly larger compared to that of other games. This is understandable given that VR devices require more work to offer an immersive experience. Bigger software means that players need more processing power and storage space to enjoy the games. The amount of storage and processing power for a truly immersive experience is something that not many gamers can access, leading to less popularity.

Personal Preferences

Most VR games aim to make everything appear as close to reality as possible. For some, that might be a good thing, but other people have a problem with that. For example, a game that involves movement might make a player feel nauseated because of motion sickness, even though there is no actual motion involved.

Physical Risks Involved

VR games are associated with a number of physical risks, which players tend to avoid. For example, the experience might feel too real that the player reacts physically in a way that will result in injury. The player might also damage surrounding items, including the expensive VR gaming equipment. These risks are just not worth it for some people.

Graphical Limitations

VR gaming is still relatively new compared to other gaming platforms. For that reason, it is understandable that the VR games yet do not have graphics that are even nearly as good as for other consoles. However, gamers tend to choose graphics over other things, which is why VR games are not as popular.

Examples of VR Games

There are specific VR games that stand out, which can probably make your investment in VR equipment worthwhile. That is based on the reviews and feedbacks of other VR gamers. A few examples are highlighted below.

Iron Man VR – Release Date 3 July 2020

Marvel is one of the biggest names in entertainment, and when they take the step into the world of VR it is only logic that they start with the Iron Man himself. Published by Sony Interactive Entertainment and available for PlayStation VR, this game offers you a chance to BE Iron Man. It is a thrilling way to experience advanced combat with a character that is more than familiar to many, Tony Stark. It makes you get the feeling of being part of the Avengers as you handle a variety of tasks and challenges. For example, you have to use your flying and combat skills to accomplish specified missions, all of which will be part of the game’s storyline. The game release was postponed due to the pandemic, but it is scheduled for release on July 3rd 2020.

Half-Life: Alyx

In Half-Life:Alyx, your mission is described like this:

You are Alyx Vance, and you’re about to spark a revolution

Released in March 2020, and available on Microsoft Windows Linux, this is a First-person shooter game which takes you back to the old half-life game, but in a very different way. You get to take Alyx Vance’s place instead of Gordon Freeman and advance through City 17 before getting to the Unlucky Physicist. All that entails engaging in intense shootouts with various alien enemies and soldiers while you solve puzzles on the way. It is, in my opinion, one of the best examples of what VR can do at this point in time. Check out the gameplay video below:

No Man’s Sky VR

Developed by English developer Hello Games UK, released last year and is currently available for XboxOne, PS4, and Steam. No Man’s Sky features planetary exploration, deep oceans, space-based battles, predators and prey, and much more. Taking advantage of how enormous the galaxy is, the game ensures that you never run out of new things to do. Despite mixed reviews upon release, later patches and updates has made No Man’s Sky VR into a very entertaining and immersive game that genuinely transports you to other worlds.

What Is Needed to Play VR Games?

  • Oculus Rift and HTC Vive

HTC Vive and Oculus Rift are the two premium VR experiences. They can both be used with PC and allow you to play all the VR PC games. Both systems include the VR headsets, movement sensors, and various controllers. The two options are currently the best ones for dedicated PC gamers looking to experience the virtual world of gaming.

  • PlayStation VR

PlayStation VR is Vive’s and Rift’s best alternative, which is meant for use with a PlayStation. However, its hardware aspect is not as high as what you get on Vive and Rift, though it still offers a solid VR experience.

  • Samsung Gear VR

This is one of the best phone-based VR systems. There are many others available in the market, but most of them offer gimmick experiences as opposed to the real VR experience. The Gear VR makes use of the Oculus technology to provide the best VR experience you can get from a phone.

VR in 2020

Virtual reality gaming is not where many would expect it to be, but that does not mean that it will not get there. The many limitations setting it back are time-solvable, which implies that VR gaming will dominate the future. That is more of the case with the increased popularization via online casinos and other such major platforms.

A Guide To VR Casinos

VR casino is one of the most trending types of casino in the industry. With the transition from land to online, the audience has found its right might with the VR casino. VR casino is something which allows you to ensure that you find the casino atmosphere even when you are not at the land-based casino. VR casino will enable you to experience a three-dimensional environment and also allows you to interact as you play the game of your choice.

Virtual Reality Gaming

VR has become a nationwide sensation as there are many games which are specifically designed keeping the trend in mind. With people looking up to the games to help enjoy themselves, it becomes very difficult for the developers to understand the need of the right games. VR gamins showed some promising results in regards to gaming. There are many VR gaming gear which includes Oculus Rift, Valve’s Stream VR, etc. This is one technology that the gaming industry is taking full advantage of due to the fun it provides to its audience.

Virtual Reality Gaming

The evolution of online casino to virtual reality casino

The decade has brought a lot of changes when it comes to the gambling industry and with the shift from land-based casinos to online casinos. It is only natural that people find the right game, which can allow you to get the right gaming needs set. Today, online casinos have revamped themselves to help improve the right simplistic graphics which will allow you to seek the right concept of Virtual Reality gambling.

VR Casino Games

Virtual Reality Casino games are some of the most effective when it comes to blurring the lines between video games and gambling. As video games are targeted towards younger demographics, the VR casino games target audience are quite different, which is people of the age group 30-40 years old. There are many games that the casinos are trying to bring out which will allow yourself to find the right games that suit your needs. VR casino still has some of the best games, which includes poker, blackjack, etc.


VR slots: One of the most popular VR casino game it allows you to get the right facts in check. There are many VR slots which are made for the experience which can allow you to play the games as you play in a land-based casino.

VR Blackjack: VR Blackjack is one game which keeps the fun of blackjack while ensuring that you have the right VR headset. One needs to make sure that you understand the right experience when it comes to the blackjack table.

VR roulette: This is also one of the most popular VR casino games, which is a game for high rollers and gamblers with smaller wallets.

How Does Virtual Reality Work In Casinos?

The online casino has changed the way we can virtual reality. VR technology is transforming the online casino industry with the help of interactive experiences and getting access to some of the best social gaming and online gambling platforms. Virtual reality is still new to the casino platform but does offer some of the best experiences which one cannot compete. In this article, we will be learning about the technology which has impacted the gaming and gambling industries.

Online casino

The Virtual reality casino

There are two leading casinos in the online casino platform, the entertainment casino and the real money casino. There are target players who are playing for the advancements in the platform in both 2D and 3D. With the advancements in the VR software and hardware fields. The interface and the players can allow one to get the right casino floor. There are many VR headset which is compatible with the platform. These interactive casino experience can engage the other players in real-time and get the typical of the VR casino. With a VR casino, one can easily enjoy the best casino game rooms which the player can walk through and enjoy, realistic slot machines, 3D table games, hand gestures and other in-game chats.

The Games

The VR casino industry is still young and with the names that have emerged. The two most popular casinos like the Slots millions and the casino VR poker are growing to be very popular. These games were developed to entertain as well and provide with some of the most innovative best. With VR, one can experience a highly detailed interface with realistic body parts as well.

VR casino

The Gear

There are many currently precious few games which one can evaluate, like the Oculus Rift, which can be very dominating and can be the future. Oculus rift is the device which can qualify for the beefy gaming PC to help work with optimum performance. The Google daydream has less inexpensive VR headset which can allow the designed to help work with the android.

The future of VR casinos

The future of VR casino is one which can allow one to get the right moves. The current efforts to ensure that they can produce the right brick and motor casino with strong growth to ensure the right gamblers. There is US casino investigation in VR gaming platforms which can be played in the establishments. This will allow one to get the right VR casinos which can even replace the brick and mortar gambling houses. Also, with VR gears and smartphones everywhere, technology continues to improve. It is seen that most of these services are based on ensuring that you see better performance in a phone-based headset.

How Effective Can VR Be In A Casino?

In recent years Virtual reality has become a booming market where the consumers are exploding. There are VR products which are being manufactured big. We also see the development in the AR by bringing in the idea of HoloLens, which is a seem-less mix of the digital and real world.

VR roulette

Roulette is possible as it is one of the hardest traditional casino game which will allow one to get the right excitement. This is the real-world environment and atmosphere which can allow one to get the right gaming experience. In 2016, the industry saw an exciting innovation which has allowed one to get the right innovation VR roulette system.

VR Poker

Poker is already, which is a popular game which can allow one to get to the right help. VR poker development can deliver the right depth to the game, which can allow on to get the right 2D screening lacks. The VR poker development which can bring the right rich skills and tactics which can allow you to get the right kind of help. VR poker allows you to help find the right tactics and develop skills which will allow you to understand the game in-depth. The VR versions also allow you to play offline and understand the environment which was built.

VR slots

VR casino slots is something which one can bring more magic into any version of slots. Slots is one of the best ways to enter the gambling industry. The VR can easily help you bridge the gap between the physical casino and help with the graphical capabilities of the digital world. The VR industry is still trying to bring in more players as there is a lot which needs speculations and gets the right digital pyrotechnics, which is simple as well as can be played on a physical casino.

VR slots

In conclusion

The VR industry is one which is at its infancy, and as there is a certain time to be moving into the VR casino arena, there are a lot of people who are seeing the rewards. There were many types of research which took place and indicated that VR gambling can explode in the next five years and can easily grow by 800%. The growth is not a small one, and with the high rolling players putting their income in the current VR generation, one can see the right interest growing in the online gambling market. The concentration is high, which can also put up with the high cost, which may limit the volume of the players, which can allow one to be the best short-term plan. There are many higher average wager which has made the VR industry a highly profitable one.

Is Virtual Reality the Future of Gambling?

Tangibility has been untagged from reality since the late 90s. Virtuality is what runs the world these days; there is no denial. But time has travelled a long way now with technology having transcended the ticks of the clock. Every little action within the field of gambling has been proactively put up to influence the online casinos to produce spellbinding results. You never can keep a complete track of the technological innovations that keep surfacing within any field.

VR gambling

Gambling is the relatively slower domain with significant transitions taking place sporadically. For a long time now, online gambling has been the game-changer with almost 25 years being passed since its inception. But the situation has changed over the recent past with VR gambling all set to replace the online casinos. As convenience stands to be the top priority, developers have devised concepts to blend it with high-quality content. Just as how online casinos have proven their potential to contribute copiously to the global economy, the innovative idea of virtual reality is expected to take the game to a whole new level. Although the technology is undergoing major tweaks to be launched in its full efficiency, the future set by it looks to be quite fruitful in terms of revenue generation.


Question of VR’s Success

Avid gamblers who have a good understanding of the market would be well updated with the technological marvels such as VR. Others who are relatively new to this game will approach the technology with skepticism. The latter group of gamblers have their question validated with certain features of VR gambling being hampered by in-built flaws. Failure has not yet found a way to consume such innovations with developers slogging over the improvement of the technology. VR is on the course of rejuvenating its roots to bring about substantial changes to its working. With the improving standards of VR, several games are also being developed dedicated for the VR gear. Slots is the most widely available casino game on VR now, which is still in its experimental stage. Gambling fans and techies are eagerly waiting for the launch of high-quality gaming with the most popular casino games such as blackjack, poker, and roulette.

Casino games

Growth of Virtual Reality in Gambling

VR gambling has its highest potential to grow in the game of video poker. The fad for this game never ceases, indeed has only shot up over the years, thereby increasing the demand for VR version of poker. Virtual reality in sports betting and bingo sites is predicted to have a lower reception than the casino games but will have significant organic growth.

VR technology

The current situation is rather promising for the boom of VR technology. With the surge in VR headgear sales and launch of several VR games on many of the leading online casino sites, the market is expected to flourish at its best in the near future. With the existing trends, VR looks to be the torchbearer for online gambling for the upcoming years.

The Best VR Casino Games

Technology has never taken the backseat for decades; indeed, it has hit the full throttle with consistency. From the casino floors to the digital screens of pixels, gambling has travelled the path along with technology. All innovations in the field of gambling have made the practice a convenient one. The trouble of having to slip into a suit and pair of shoes is eliminated with the digital version taking over the domain. Enhanced experience further defines the online casinos for the detailing it provides. As everything about online casinos started to inspire developers, life-like gaming has been the priority. VR gambling was invented by capitalizing on the fad for online gambling. This immersive experience is yet to find its way forefront worldwide, but the future of gambling speculates to be conquered by VR. Here is a list of the best VR casino games for those who are planning to embark the virtually real roll of dice.

Online Roulette

What better than roulette to try your luck at in the casinos? Roulette has never failed to please the gamblers with its spiking probability to land in their favor. Gambling has had its face established by the most popular games such as poker, blackjack, slots, and roulette. As casinos stepped into the digital platforms, all these games have had an equal reception as that of the land-based casinos, which then grew gradually into weighing more. The excitement rises as the white ball keeps rotating with the wheek to edge closer onto the lucky number. Emotions stay the same, and so does the entertainment in the online casinos. But when it comes to VR roulette, it is the experience that gets a different dimension with everything from the seats to the bar having an unbeatable superlative detailing. Roulette was one of the first pilot games to be tested across all over the world in the VR sector of gambling, and it has proven to be successful by generating a substantial amount of fans.

Online Roulette

Online Blackjack

A name that every gambling enthusiast would be extremely familiar with-Blackjack. The game works as a battle between the dealer and you, with the house edge stacked in favor of the dealer. You are always a level lower than the dealer in terms of the advantages on one’s side. When your progress stands at stake during the game, the dealer will make his moves to beat you. Although the dealer holds most of the perks of the game, blackjack is undoubtedly one of the most entertaining and profitable casino games. With its launch on VR, online gambling gets better with the immersive experience taking you right onto the floor by allowing you to interact with the dealer.


SlotMillions is one of the leading online slot developers, the brain behind this VR marvel named Starburst. You get to indulge in the game with or without the VR headgear. The VR facelift provided to the traditional online casinos has enhanced the environment. The unrivalled graphics and gameplay backed by the groovy soundtrack pull you into the slots game that you have been dreaming of for years. Known for its position among the pioneers of VR casino games, Starburst, looks to have a secure future with its developing standards.

The Perks of VR Casinos

Science is the subject that has infinite possibilities to leverage upon; the sole reason behind developing standards in living. The broad spectrum of technology has extremities that are delicate to create a life-changing impact. Many forms of gambling have been created over the years ranging from the local floors to advanced online casinos. Virtual reality is among the latest entries into the industry with coins and wheels rolling your way with intangible perfection. The margin for error remains quite high in this technology even today. Rectifications are under consideration and is thoroughly worked upon to rule out all the potential breakdowns of the system. The factor that online casinos boasted of was convenience, which the VR has perfectly balanced with immersion. You can never be denied of high-quality gambling experience with the virtual reality gear on. The bright halls and quirky sounds are no more exclusive assets of the land-based casinos.

VR gambling

Play to Get Entertained

Like in any other form of casinos, gambling should always be considered a pastime sport. The high-spirited gamblers are the ones who make this happen by setting the tables to the zone of ultimate fun. With the VR gambling, you get to indulge in a gamble with the gear taking you for a tour through the elegant floors of a casino. You get to experience nothing short of perfection that you come across at any land-based casino. Entertainment is guaranteed in VR gambling with a whole lot of other perks that make it a splendid game to witness even when losing.



An Avatar for Yourself

Technology is in no way failing to impress you with its various iterations in different fields. VR has added another dimension to the game that displays on the screen in a less immersive tedious form. Gambling has been redefined with the reality being virtualized at high standards. You don’t merely sit on your couch and slouch over your phones in the hope of a jackpot. Walk into the casino to get a drink and sit by the table just as virtually as you do it in reality. The land-based casinos are replicated here with the perfection that is beyond questioning. A character can be created for yourself, and he/she can move about in the casino and around the table to have a better look at what is happening in the game.


Emotion and Excitement Stays With You

A rush of emotions is usual as you gamble through poker or blackjack, be it in your suit or the pyjamas. The physical aspects of gambling have been incorporated in VR gambling, including the emotions and excitement that lingers in the casino halls. You feel liberated in the 3D environment without having to refrain from expressing. All those who fear the aspect of putting out the real self in public can be themselves in their personal space and play at their leisure. You get to have a taste of the real world without having to reveal all your feelings out in public by confining it to virtuality.

Things to Expect From VR Casinos in the Years to Come

Not the slightest of a glitch is expected of the current technology to hamper the experience of online gambling. Casinos have grown over the past decades from the brick and mortar forms into screens, which gradually took the compact form. Hassles have become sporadic in the gambling industry with the nearly flawless operation defining the games. But as technology takes a step higher on the course of development, an excruciating lapse is likely to occur. In the case of online casinos and gambling, it was the launch of VR that brought about changes which pester the users. Virtual reality may seem like the overrated technology that has the potential to crash the existing reputation of the industry. But the truth is that VR is progressing towards its best days by having several tweaks made to it. The question that matters here is to what degree the VR technology can influence the future of gambling.

VR Gambling

Factors that Impeded the Fast Growth of VR Gambling

As per the current trends in the industry, casinos will shoot up in sales with VR being aboard. But the past few decades had a different gambling environment with the compact screens and 25-inch screens serving as the casino platforms. Several factors hindered the proliferation of VR gambling, which include the limited products for gambling, dysfunctional features of the system, and the novelty of the concept of virtual reality.

Since the concept came as a flashing new one with features that were unconventional in the field of gambling, significant time would be taken by the users to adapt to the changing cultures. The same reason applies to the lack of VR gambling products such as gear and casino games. This has directly influenced the number of people buying products. People tend to be less convinced with the technology and refrain from purchasing and playing. The factor of these products being faulty add to the stagnancy in VR.


What to Expect in the Coming Years

Many of the leading developers in the field of online casinos have plans to bring VR games into their sites. With every department working around the clock to improve the infrastructure of VR gambling, traffic on online platforms are bound to increase. The industry will undergo one of its most fruitful phases by contributing heavily to the world economy.

  • Gambling has passed through various stages to rise to the present level of advanced gaming. You get to have an enhanced experience with the VR gear, which is gradually undergoing several tweaks to come out well-equipped. Within a few years, smartphones and modern VR machines would get outdated as the wildest dreams of gamblers come true through the advanced technologies in VR gambling.
  • Headsets for VR will go portable in no time. The current headsets have to be connected to a PC for efficient working.
  • Land-based casinos will launch their arena of VR gambling with slots that boast top-end animations and exciting storylines.

Everything about online gambling (video poker and live dealer gaming) will go real leaving the gamblers in confusion on the fine line between reality and virtuality.

Ways In Which Virtual Reality in Casinos Can Enhance User Experience

The term ‘Virtual Reality Casinos‘ is somewhat of a mistake because all online casinos are virtual in the sense that they are not real establishments. But here we are talking about the new kind of innovative casinos which may be set to explode over coming years in the wake of recent developments in virtual reality gaming, or VR as it is sometimes known.

However, several issues are slowing the growth of virtual reality in general. If these are overcome, the new VR casinos will offer the closest experience you can get to the real casinos without stepping out of your home. Even more real than live casinos perhaps. Just put on your headset, and you will be transported into a virtual reality casino which is immersive and entertaining in a way never thought of before.

How Virtual Reality Casinos Work

Online casinos are one of the two types of businesses. They are either entertainment casinos or real money casinos. In an entertainment casino, the players can play slots, various card games or spin the roulette wheel solely for entertainment purpose, without expecting to win real money. In a real money casino, the aim is to draw in players who want to earn real money.

Online casinos

Both these platforms have been advanced over the years thanks to growing technologies, but they are not the same as the real casinos. VR can change all that. Upgrades in VR technology have made this new technology accessible and open to everyone. VR interfaces are not merely providing players with a new, more immersive slot machine. They are actually placing players on the casino floors, giving them the illusion that they are in a real casino. The VR platform and headset can together create an enhanced experience that feels like a real casino.

Users can experience and explore the casino fully. They can also use slot machines that look realistic. The 3D tables allow them to play with other players and interact with dealers.


So far, you most likely already thinks that playing casino games in virtual reality is an excellent option. Quite simply, the main benefit is the immersive nature of the experience, but added benefits are the possibility of interesting interactions with other players.


There are a few drawbacks, some of which will lessen gradually. The first is in technology. It is not yet perfect, and VR has a long way to go before all of the technical hitches have been resolved. The cost is also worth noting, with the best VR setups costing up to $2000. Costs might come down, of course. There is also the usual risk of addiction which is there with any form of gaming.

Ways In Which VR Can Revolutionize The Casino Industry

Gambling is one of the most established businesses which has allowed one to get the right growth started. There is more and more growth which are happening in the last few decades, which has allowed one to get the right kind of online help. Virtual Reality has turned into one of the newest fads, which can be among the best and the most cutting edge technology advancing in the world of gaming. VR has revolutionized the way we see the casino industry today. It has impacted the industry and made significant changes. In this article, we are going to be discussing the effects of VR on online casinos.

VR on online casinos

Immersive experience

Probably one of the first things which one can understand with VR experience and with the technology growing more mainstream, it can be seen that they are many existing topics which are coming up that are more sophisticated. They offer some of the more immersive and realistic experiences, which is much better than a standard online casino. People can easily experience all the round experience all while they are at their home. They can also bet on things like horse races while ensuring that everything is happening right before them, allowing you to choose the right horse.

More Gamblers

VR casinos are something which can make it easier for the gamblers to feel more relaxed and get the right time to help visit the casino at your space. These are some of the best when it comes to an understanding of the functioning of the brick and motor casino without actually visiting the casino.


Real-time communication

VR allows online gamblers to enjoy the real-time experience and give time to communicate. The VR technology has offered people with some of the best experiences, which has allowed one person to benefit with the players and get access to some of the best web-based casino games that one can enjoy.

Real-time communication

Can be customized

VR is also customizable depending on the individual needs. It is one of the best when it comes to pairing it with other advanced software and artificial intelligence. As the AI keeps learning about our individual preferences, one can easily ensure that you have the right version of the casino which you can enjoy at your time. This means that the ultimate casino help one can do is to ensure that they play to get an understanding of the game.

VR Game

New Experiences

With users opting for VR headsets it is easier to find the right games which you will be interested in playing. They can also help find out the right simulated games, which can be a good idea to the same table. It is up to the gamblers to find the right amenities and games which can allow you to find the right game for you.



limitless to play on a desktop


At a standard online casino

New experience – With these casinos, users can wear a VR headset & Play

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